Guacamole Dip

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Although I do not have Mexican heritage, I love learning about Mexican culture and I love feasting on Mexican food. About once a week I make a Mexican inspired meal for my family–ranging from–tacos or burritos to enchiladas or tortilla soup. I usually pair these dishes with a side of rice or quinoa and beans (I use a variety of dry beans), but I find my family loves pinto beans the best.

Regardless of the Mexican-inspired dish, my family requires (demands) fresh, homemade guacamole as a topping or a dip. I submitted the following recipe for Guacamole Dip to Pittsburgh Moms Blog. Click  here to view the recipe. It is a delicious dip–even my 10-year-old eats homemade guacamole, and she hardly eats anything–provided I keep the spice at a minimum (omit or reduce the amount of jalapeno peppers in the recipe).  Enjoy and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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