Home Decorating Ideas Using the Photos on your SmartPhone

I am not a photographer. I don’t believe I have the artistic vision that so many people have when it comes to photography. But, with the advent of the iphone, and having a camera at my disposal all of the time, I have improved on my photography skills through time, practice, and trial and error.

I love taking photos of flowers, nature and landscapes.  As a result of this mixed love of nature and photography, I have decorated some walls with my amateur photos.  I often take about 50 photos to get one good one, (and forget to delete the other 49 photos) but ultimately I am happy with the results.  Here are some photos:


I then search for coupons online. I find Walgreens or Walmart have the best deals on canvas reproduction. I then upload  the photo(s) to their website, select the size of canvas, submit coupon code and then in about an hour the canvas is ready for pick up. (This is all done on my phone!) This is a great way to personalize and make your home inviting. I love bringing nature and flowers inside. It brightens my mood on those gloomy, dreary weather days (which occur too often here in Pittsburgh).  Here are some samples of the finished canvases throughout my house.

First floor bathroom
bath 2
Kids’ bathroom

I also hope to create a gallery wall  with the photos of my dogs on a large and empty basement wall. The basement is a space that we have been trying to make more comfy and accommodating for the kids. It serves as a playroom for the little ones, but now as the oldest are teenagers, they are looking to have a space all of their own to hang out with friends. I want this space to be inviting for kids/teens of all ages.  These are the photos I will be working with, this is going to be a successful and fun project!  My dogare so photogenic, and are truly part of our family!


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