Allium: The Overlooked Perennial

Allium, a pom-pom looking flower is an easy way to add whimsy to your garden.
Part of the flowering onion family, this perennial bulb requires little to no maintenance, and is therefore a great addition to household gardens. close up allliumAllium flowers are drought tolerant, thrive in almost any soil type, but bloom best if planted in full sun. They spread naturally so they can be left undisturbed in your garden without the need to divide or cut back. 

The only thing that allium bulbs require  is to be planted in early autumn. Keep an eye out at garden centers for this bulb, as they are not as popular as tulips or daffodils, or order by mail to ensure you have them on hand for the fall.img_0909

Allium is a long lasting flowering perennial. It is deer resistant and rabbit resistant as it is part of the onion family. Deer and rabbits steer clear of the onion-like taste of this flower. I have had so much success with this perennial in my garden. The deer and rabbit have munched on my tulips and daffodils, but the alliums remain beautifully blooming in the sun! Additionally, alliums are hardy; neither disease nor insects infect the flowers nor their green stems. Alliums are also bee friendly, which is so important as we are losing so many honey bees.allium3I will be researching more allium to add to my garden as there are ‘Yellow Alliums’ as well as ‘Everlasting Alliums.’ I love the look of this flower and love that deer and rabbits leave it alone, as often times much of my garden becomes dinner for these animals.img_0907

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