Columbine: A Great Perennial To Create a Cottage Garden Effect

If looking to add a cottage effect to your garden, columbines are a great addition. This beautifully detailed, delicate looking perennial blooms in the middle of May here in Pittsburgh. columbine 3Throughout my garden I have a smattering of columbines in the pink and white varieties, but they are available in other colors too — including blues and purples. Columbines also have a beautiful foliage which adds interest and texture to your garden after the blooms have spent.foliage

Adding columbines to your garden is a great way to attract humming birds, as the nectar of this flower can be reached with their long, thin beaks. I have a green-headed humming bird that visits my garden every summer. Its wings move so fast I have been unable to take a clear picture of this beautiful garden visitor. Maybe this year!columbine1Columbines are a low maintenance perennial that can grow in zones 3-9. The plant grows to 1-2 feet in height. It is self-seeding and requires part-full sun.  If you do not wish to have it self-seed, de-head the flower after the blooms have spent. I leave mine be, or if I de-head, I sprinkle to seeds in the garden. I love being surprised every spring to see where the columbines pop up.buds

An additional bonus of this flower is its deer resistance; I have had no woodland creatures feast upon this plant. I haven’t seen any insect damage to the leaves, nor any yellowing or disease. Columbines have been an easy, reliable addition to my garden. And I encourage you to include this easy care plant in your garden.  If you want additional information or to view the different varieties and colors of columbine, I found the Better Homes and Gardens website to be useful. Click here to learn more. Happy Gardening!columbine2

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