“Pick Your Battles”

Oftentimes, when talking to fellow ‘seasoned’ parents, we use the phrase in conversation: “you got to pick your battles.” And usually the parent is looking at the outfit my child is wearing. My preschool and elementary school children pick their own outfits daily. And one day my four-year-old destroyed her room in her hunt for clothes, but what she did to her bedroom is a blog topic for another day.  bedroom

Honestly, I have given up on trying to get my kids’ clothes to match, or even for their clothes to be in the same season or seasonally appropriate for that matter. My main objective is to get out of the house in the mornings.sylvia outfit with hat

I asked my 4-year-old twins: “What do you think we could do to get out of the house on time?” (Yes, I talk to my twins like they are adults, it can be lonely being a stay at home mom. And yes, we have been late to preschool about 90% of the time.) Their response: “We would be on time– if there was only one of us.” Truth. (Maybe? Odds are I would still be late if there was just one of them!)pj

So they wear what they want and we are still late. And I guess in the large scheme of life what they wear to preschool doesn’t matter, or elementary school for that matter. My ten-year-old goes out of the house with mismatched socks, arm gloves, scarf and glitter leggings. But again, who cares, and her friends and classmates at her school seem to accept her fashion choices, and it has not been a source of bullying, etc.

arm gloves

But a recent ‘problem’ I am facing is my teenage daughter’s choice of clothing for school. She has grown; she is no longer child-like and the current fashion trends seem only to produce ultra short shorts and skimpy skirts and too tight jeans. And honestly, how is this fashion even comfortable? I haven’t had the talk with my teenage daughter about clothing decisions, but this ‘battle’ (I’m hoping for a quick conciliation on her part) is coming soon. So when your preschooler or elementary school student dresses as they want–irish hat

let them enjoy it — because having a teenage daughter has illuminated a battle worth fighting. I am learning how to put my foot down, and the fit and length of her clothing is a battle I WILL win. I will encourage her to develop her own unique style but with parent review (until further notice).


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