Siberian Iris

Intricate, blue and elegant: these three words sum up the the Siberian Iris. A showpiece for your early spring garden, the Siberian Iris has thin grass-like stems that look beautiful even after the flowers have finished blooming. I love the color of the Siberian Iris. I am partial to the color blue and am always looking to add it to my garden as a way to add a variety of colors to my garden– and not just the traditional colors associated with flowers– the reds, yellows, and pinks. I also love the unique petals on this flower;  it is so delicate and regal looking.

siberian iris1

If you are looking for a beautiful perennial to add to your garden, the Siberian Iris is a great addition. This is a reliable perennial that once established, produces beautiful blooms for many, many years. The height of the Siberian Iris is between 12-18 inches and it blooms in early to mid May here in the Pittsburgh area. The only care this iris needs is to be divided every 3-5 years to ensure the continued blooms.

siberian iris 2This is a great perennial to share with neighbors and friends as it can transplanted anytime during the growing season. Just be sure to water and fertilize until established, and your work is done.

I transplanted some Siberian Iris from my back garden to my mailbox garden two years ago.  Look how beautiful these flowers blossom. I planted them in the very back of the mailbox garden and flanked the Siberian Iris with Russian Sage and lily of the valley. The deer that roam my neighborhood have steered clear of these irises, another bonus for this beautiful perennial. siberian iris mail box

lily of the valley Aren’t they beautiful? It is my goal to have something blooming all growing  season, and so far I  am successful. The next flower to be featured will be the peony. Happy gardening! If you have an questions or comments, please feel free to share.

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