Stuck In the Middle

As an only child, I was unaware of the challenges and stresses involved with raising multiple children, and the subsequent rivalry that comes with raising siblings. Growing up I hated being an only child, and because of this fact, I have five kids, two dogs and a cat. But having multiple children isn’t all roses, and trying to divide my time among my children has proven to be a daily challenge/battle. Oftentimes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. And my youngest (twins) seem to have caught on to this fact, and squeak, (aka whine and tantrum) to get my attention. And this works. Much of the attention they demand is at the expense of their older sister, and  the official middle child of the family (number 3 of 5). I wrote an article about the middle child for the Pittsburgh Moms Blog, click here to read. This blog post has plenty of images and references to the quintessential Brady Bunch and Jan Brady

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