Mission Organization: Losing a Battle Doesn’t Mean the War is Over

organized paperwork

As far as organization goes, this week was better (I think). I only forgot my wallet one time: I realized I had forgotten my wallet in my van when I was at check out and going to pay for my items at Walmart, (cashier was kind enough to let me run to my van and grab my wallet and run back in to pay for bagged items. The cashier said to me that it’s usually men that leave their wallets in the car, and I ought to be more responsible–I told her I am trying to do better).  And later in the week I left the minivan door open (only) twice this week: it was parked in my driveway both times with no purse or wallet left in the van. So progress, I guess?

My pal/cousin/general helpful person, Maggie suggested I look into the Flylady’s 31 Easy Baby Steps: From Chaos to Clean, after reading my blog last week about my disorganization. And so I thought, why not try a system? Although this week was better (sort of) than last, I am still struggling with disorganization and forgetfulness.fly lady diane

I started the Flylady Program two days ago, so I am on Day 2 of the Fly Lady program, and so far so good; it is surprisingly easy. Here is what was covered in the first two days:

Day 1: Clean and shine kitchen sink. Easy peasy. (I used vinegar and baking soda mix and then shined with Windex.) That’s the only requirement of Day 1. Totally doable!clean sink

Day 2: Quick wipe and buff of kitchen sink and then on to begin Baby Step 2: “Getting dressed to shoes.” This step requires that the minute you get out of bed, get yourself ready for the day. Shower, dress, brush your teeth, makeup, jewelry, and shoes –to signal to your brain that you are going to do something/go somewhere/accomplish something today.

This step has been challenging for me, as I am in the habit of getting up and helping everyone else get ready. And if I am lucky, sometime around midday, I can find the time to get myself ready. But today I did as the fly lady suggested. It was a bit of work getting myself ready for the day when I first awaken, but I think it is worth it.

Dressed to Shoes


Tonight, I will pick out an outfit to save on time in the morning. Being a stay-at-home-mom, has made me not care what I wear or what I look like, (my kids still love me in sweatpants, messy bun, and glasses) but maybe by investing in myself and my appearance for my own sense of self-worth, I can give myself some much needed self-love and self-care. We shall see.

dressed to shoes
Fully Ready for My Day 

Below is the link to the Fly lady Diane’s 31 Baby Step System. Please join me on this new beginning and we can share more tips and advice for organization. I have a feeling that through learning organization, I am also learning self -love and self-worth. Here is the link to the Fly Lady System: Fly Lady Diane You Tube.

For further reading, here is my original post concerning organization:Today is the Day

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