Another Week, Another Disaster

Lost items for the week:

  • Spare set of minivan keys–I went to an Irish dance competition with two of my daughters and I think I accidentally brought both sets of minivan keys. Now I can’t find one of the sets of keys. I have contacted the hotel where we stayed, and  I have also contacted the Irish dance competition venue. (The hunt is still ongoing for the set of keys)
  • Puppet from library–due back yesterday (subsequently found after an afternoon of hunting for it– more like search and destroy of the house).
  • Time and energy lost  while looking for aforementioned items (Not to mention the daily grind of searching for high use items –remote control, phone, etc)

Additional problems of the week:

My eldest son forgot his school issued iPad at home when he left for school yesterday morning. He texted me to drop it off, and I agreed (reluctantly) and complained to myself that he needs to be more organized, and then I forgot to drop off the iPad at his school. (Hmmm..irony?)

This is the last week of school before summer break– how did he manage to forget his iPad?  Throughout this school year, he is averaging going to school without his iPad about 2x per month. (I deliver it to him every time. Am I an enabler? A helicopter parent? Or just a helpful mom? Hard to know…)


I need to get myself in order/organized before I can help my kids. (I am visualizing flight attendants demonstrating safety protocol before a plane takes off: “In case of drop in air pressure, parents must put their own oxygen mask on first, and then put on the oxygen mask of their little ones– in order to ensure health and safety of both parents and children.”

So too with me, I need to take care of myself so I can effectively help/guide my kids. (Although some of my little ones are not so little anymore. )

Continuing with the Fly Lady Baby Step Program

As a way to help myself, I am continuing with the Fly Lady 31 Baby Step Process from Chaos to Clean. Positives: My kitchen sink is always clean.clean sink 1 I have been getting ready for my day when I first awaken (although I have had a day or two on this step where I have fallen off the wagon and continued most of the day in lounge wear).

I am currently on Day 6 of the Fly Lady Baby Step Program–identifying ‘hot zones.’ “Hot zones” are the areas where random items congregate–like a kitchen counter, kitchen island, end table, night stand, etc. I tackled my kitchen island hot zone as well as a credenza in the dining room.  Here are the before and after photos:

Not bad, eh? It was easier than I thought.

I also found a cleaning product on Amazon that I love. cleaning product I heard about this product from my pal/cousin Maggie, and I love it. This cleaning product makes the house smell so nice and inspires me to clean. It is available for purchase on Amazon. I am going to buy the pear blossom agave cleaner as well, also available from Amazon.

I digress, back to hot zones: the only problem I am having with the hot zones is the fact that my entire floor seems to be a hot zone. My twins– tornadoes of destruction–  play with 50 toys+ at once (dinosaurs, horses, dolls, bears even my yoga mat) as they make up elaborate games/scenarios.

I ask them  to clean up. Then I begin to beg and plead. And all of this  falls on deaf ears. I end up cleaning up all of the toys as I threaten to throw the toys away if they don’t clean up the next time (I get mad at myself for cleaning their messes), but they know I am bluffing.

I need to gain a backbone when dealing with my children (and probably adults as well).  I am trying to learn how to be firm (while still being kind) and learning how to  stick to my guns and not be so willy nilly and eager to appease/please everyone around me.

Conclusions (I continue to search for missing items):

  1. There is too much stuff in my household.  Minor note: I have decided to no longer borrow puppets from the library. We will stick solely to books.
  2.  I must stop unwanted items from entering the house while I continue to organize: (This week’s goal is to return bags of clothing and household goods various stores.)
  3. Continue to be mindful of what I am currently doing. Be aware of the keys in my hand or purse on my arm and not just operate on autopilot.
  4. Continue to work on being firm (but kind) as I try to get the little ones participating in the clean up/purge of toys.

I will be praying the serenity  prayer all week as I continue to implement changes in my life. Feel free to share tips of household organization, and /or overcoming the household clutter.

serenity prayer

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