Raspberry Hibiscus Sun Tea Recipe

I LOVE coffee and tea–the first thing I do when I wake is make a large pot of coffee. I started drinking tea and coffee on a daily basis after I had my second child. Caffeine helps me to (almost) keep up with my kids. I enjoy coffee in the mornings and now that the hot, summer-like weather is here, I make sun tea and enjoy this drink in the afternoons.tea with raspberry

The first time I had tried raspberry hibiscus tea was on a trip to California–we stopped at a hip and happening  coffee shop in Santa Monica called Ground Work Coffee. This tea was so different and refreshing.

Hibiscus tea at Groundwork Coffee, Santa Monica, CA
And I liked this tea so much that I decided to experiment at home with my own variation of raspberry hibiscus tea. My deck sits in the sun seemingly all day long and one advantage of this sunny location is homemade sun tea.


Without further ado, here is the recipe:


  • 4 bags of wild raspberry hibiscus herbal tea
  • 3 bags of black tea (I love Irish tea– I use Lyon’s brand)
  • Large pitcher — I filled to the 3 liter line
  • Sugar, if desired (1/4-3/4 cup)
  • Lemon slices for glasses

raspberry tea bag photo


  1. Fill pitcher with water. Add in tea bags making sure that they are in the water. Cover pitcher and place in a sunny location.
  2. Let tea sit in the sun for at least an hour, longer for stronger tea. I let my sun tea bask in the sun for 3+ hours.
  3. Remove tea bags, taste and add sugar if desired. I add about a half a cup, as I like my tea sweet. Stir well and then refrigerate.
  4. Fill a glass with ice, pour tea and serve with a lemon. Enjoy! You could garnish with fresh raspberries as well!

I have read that clear glass pitchers are the best for making sun tea. I used a plastic container that was tinted green and the sun tea is still spot on.

tea with pitcher

There are so many herbal teas available that your imagination is the limit for making your home brewed sun tea. I have some mango and peach herbal teas that I want to experiment with in making sun tea this summer as well. But so far, I love the raspberry hibiscus sun tea.

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