Father’s Day Musings

Father’s Day is a bitter-sweet holiday for me. I miss my dad every single day, and this day in particular (Father’s Day) with the immense popularity of social media– seeing posts and pictures of kids with their dads/ kids with their grandfathers/generational photos– pulls at my heart strings as well as giving me a sense of loss.

I often wonder what my dad would think of social media and this crazy world. I bet he would read President Trump’s tweets on a daily basis– probably getting a good laugh [sad!].  I could see my dad sitting at our kitchen table, drinking a cup of tea and eating buttered bread putting down his Irish Echo Newspaper to pick up his smartphone and begin scrolling through his own twitter feed. I imagine my dad saying “Trump’s been tweeting again today”…and then crack some joke. The way things are going here in the US, my dad may have packed up and headed back to Ireland. I wonder…

I have been told that I live with ghosts–I believe that these ghosts–my parents (and aunts and uncles)–  keep me safe. For example, every time I see a hawk or falcon circling in the sky I know my dad is watching me. I have seen a hawk already this morning while I briefly stepped outside. I know this is my dad’s way of telling me he is near and his spirit is free and happy.

In honor of my father’s legacy I am posting a link to the blog I wrote for the Pittsburgh Mom’s blog regarding his Irish identity. My dad so loved his Irishness and had such pride in his heritage that to honor my father, his legacy and his memory– I am reposting the blog I wrote for St. Patrick’s Day. To read the full blog written for the Pittsburgh Mom’s Blog click here.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. Know that your impact is profound on your children.


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