Done is Better Than Perfect

Organizational update–or should I say organizational PROGRESS!! These past two weeks have been a success (giving myself a pat on the back! Yay!) Although the extra set of minivan keys are still not found — ( I should bite the bullet and purchase another set). My household is running much, much smoother. The house is turning into a ‘home’ and a space that does not have to be bustling with excitement all of the time–but a space that can offer peace, clarity and calmness (even if it is temporary).

I have not misplaced anything this week. I have been on time to dentist appointments (early in fact) and I feel so much better. I no longer feel so harried and hurried, and I feel like I am being a more patient and kinder person. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Here is some photographic evidence of the progress:


Kitchen is clean and organized–kitchen island clear

kitchen clear

Kitchen table is ready for an informal meal–

kitchen table clear

I made the centerpiece…future blog post soon will give directions to make succulent planter.


Kitchen sink is still shiny.(whoop whoop)

clean sink 1I started a control journal (small binder) that keeps me on track and inspired–I have my morning, afternoon and evening routines written down.control journal

control journal 1

I printed a calendar to begin tracking all of the dinners I cook for reference. My future goal is to have a weekly menu plan. I am also asking my kids for meal ideas and from their suggestions I have gotten requests for tacos, homemade mac and cheese, and stromboli–which will all be added to the  future dinner rotation. calendar

And I know this journal isn’t pretty–but it is serving its purpose of keeping me on track.  I also have post-it notes in the journal for ideas that I think of throughout the day. I need to write things down so I remember. I have found that I also learn through writing things down.

Additionally, in the control journal I am currently compiling a list of  emergency numbers–my kids’ cell phone numbers, insurance contact info, pediatrician, and numbers for HVAC, mechanic, electrician, etc. to be prepared in case of emergency. I have the control journal  in the kitchen, so any member of the family can have access to it.

The progress I have made in the kitchen has emanated throughout the rest of the house. My bedroom is clean and clear–it is a space I enjoy. Clearing all of the clutter has allowed me to relax, curl up with a good book  and sleep.bedroom1


Dining room is ready for a formal meal. (We are company ready!)

dining room1

dining room

With all of this de-cluttering and organizing, I am wanting to change the color scheme of the house. I have a bunch of  paint swatches for the kitchen, hall, dining room and family room. However, as much as I want to paint and change the look, I must remain focused on organizing the house. I will paint when I make progress in the continually troubled spots of the house.

Much progress has been made, and I recognize that major work still needs to be done. The office (in particular) has been a stressor (I am still drowning in paperwork/mail/bills as well as photographs/kids art projects). I have a big bin of photos from my parents’ house and I hope to sort through the photos and put them in albums–the photos are all mixed up in terms of years and events and not even in envelopes–just stacks and stacks of photos.

I also need to continue organizing the garage.  I have accumulated so much stuff–so much Christmas decor and toys and kids’ clothes– that our garage is our storage area–we cannot park our cars in the garage. It has been this way since we moved in. (Fingers crossed that one car may eventually fit).

I am also helping my daughters with their bedroom. Instead of saying to them “Your bedroom is a mess! Go clean your room!” I am now giving them direction and help. We have started with their clothes and sorting what they want and don’t want. Here is a photo of all of the things we cleared from their room and the twins’ room, all to be donated to charity.


The next step will be to have them clear one surface, and keep it clear.  And then add future tasks (make bed, etc.) to their bedroom upkeep routine.

I am so happy to share my progress with organization. Beginning to clear the clutter and stuff from my life has given me time and energy to spend with my family. We have instituted a family game night, which is super fun. We love Clue!  I have also gained self-confidence over these past few weeks and made time to care for myself and my appearance. Deon Sanders had some quote that always stuck with me it goes something like “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you  play good, they pay good.” This is so true. Through feeling good about myself, my energy level has increased and my work in organizing the household has become rewarding. More updates will be coming soon! Hopefully some before and afters of the garage, office and daughters’ bedroom.


One Reply to “Done is Better Than Perfect”

  1. Love this blog entry. Inspires me to get at it and purge more of my “stuff ” but to particularly get at the boxes of pictures that have nagged at me for years. ❤️Thanks for sharing your gift of writing and insight.


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