True Colors

What started as a small project (paint fireplace) has transformed into large projects (paint first entire floor, update first floor bathroom vanity) and so the family has been living in chaos for about a week.

I couldn't help myself. Every summer I seem to get an itch to do a household painting  project. Prior years have included painting outside shutters, doors, furniture, etc.

Although I am not fully done with my project, I am so happy with the transformation of this space that I want to share some pictures of the family room.

This is the before

red brick

A neighbor-friend had given me her old fireplace doors about 6 months ago–maybe a year ago– and I finally changed the doors.

new fireplace door

And changing the doors forced me to change the paint color of the fireplace.

I used two coats of primer.

gripper paint

white fireplace

And then two coats of high gloss white paint.

yellow paint

And painting the fireplace led me to paint the bookshelves:

two colors

Original color on left–new color on right.

And painting the bookshelves led me to paint the rest of the room as well as the kitchen. I wanted the bookshelves to be the same paint color as my kitchen and have a lighter shade of gray on the family room walls. However, I chose a paint color too similar so I had to change the color of bookshelves and kitchen.

bookcase gray

And here is the room with the lighter gray walls.

I plan on purchasing a new couch. I have been looking but haven't found one yet. This couch will go into the basement and I hope to convert the basement into a game room for my teens.

And here is a preview of the kitchen only one coat done on the walls and one coat on French doors.

I hope to post updates about this project as well as other things I get into.

I feel like I am entering my 'adult' phase of decorating. Although I love bright and bold paint colors, I am loving the classy look of the gray paint–and my kids also love it –saying they love our modern looking house.

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