Minor Fixes that Offer Major Change

I have been bitten by the DIY bug for home improvements, so much so that I have been brave enough to use power tools (for the first time.) All of this DIY energy has gone into the transformation of the first floor bathroom. It is a really, really small space, but with a few minor changes, I think it feels larger and more modern.

Here is the before:

I had been looking for a bathroom vanity cabinet for sometime (years) and finally bought one. I got this one for less than $100 at Home Depot.

I called Mr. Handyman to install the cabinet, as this is beyond my newly minted trial and error home improvement skills.

Once this cabinet was installed I began painting the bathroom. I chose a color that went well with the gray scheme I am working on throughout the rest of the first floor. I initially painted it ‘jade mist’ by Behr and then repainted it ‘sea foam’ by Benjamin Moore, as my initial color seemed to clash a little with my accent wall I was about to do.

I also wanted to tie in the brick fireplace in the family room, so I made an accent wall with faux brick. It is a peel and stick wall paper from amazon. This definitely tested my patience as I felt like I was playing Tetris –trying to get the bricks to match and fit. This small space took me two days to complete.

I then spray painted the mirror and light fixture. I used brushed nickel color from rustoloem. I found the metal pendant shades on amazon, I thought they were a nice replacement for the glass shades.

The before:

I had tried out cage lighting with the Edison light bulb to update lighting. But opted to do metal shade.

The after:

And finally I added towel racks and also bought cute little hanging planters for decoration. I found them on amazon as well.

I am so happy with this space. Although it has taken longer than I anticipated, I can’t wait to start some other projects.

I plan on creating an accent wall in the living room using picture frames and changing the set up and use of this space. I will post updates for this project as well as my finished kitchen and hallway (although I only changed the paint color and minor DIY updates, the space looks so much bigger!)

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