DIY Succulent Planter

As a way to keep my creative juices flowing, I am always searching for new ways to make ordinary household items feel new and useful. One item that has been sitting unused for years is my punch bowl and serving cups. I remember thinking that I ‘needed’ this item for family gatherings, but in reality I have used it once maybe twice over the years. It has sat unused in my serving cabinet taking up space and collecting dust.

Additionally, I am always adding plants to my household decor–I love the coziness and comfort that plants give to a space. So what I ended up doing was making a succulent planter out of my punch bowl. I love it–the punch bowl planter is my centerpiece of my kitchen table.

This is such an easy and inexpensive project– I  found small succulents at Aldi’s for under two dollars. I think they are so interesting looking.


All that is needed is a small bag of succulent soil (this can be found at Home Depot, Walmart, etc) and gravel. (I used left over gravel we had from our fish tank.)

To create drainage, fill bottom of planter with gravel. Then add soil and plants. Top with additional gravel. IMG_2747.jpg

Additionally, succulent planters are a great way to use shells that your kids collect from beach trips.


The key to successful succulents (especially when there is no drainage hole in the planter) is to not over water. In fact, these plants seem to thrive on neglect.

And I had so much success with my succulent planter that I decided to make planters out of the serving cups that came with the punch bowl.

I spray painted some of the planters white and gray and then added gravel and soil.

And now I have accent planters for my bookshelf.


Here is the complete look of the bookshelf:



And apparently succulent planters are being sold at ethan allen for $229.00. Crazy, right? You can make your own for under $10 using materials from around your own house. img_3803.png

I love reinventing and rejuvenating unused household items. I also love making the house cozy and inviting. And as much as I dislike the thought of winter and shorter days, these plants are a great way to make the house feel more cheery and less dreary during the winter months. Happpy planting!

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