Good intentions

I intended to write a blog post today…a post long overdue. And as I sat down to write, my 5-year- old sits next to me and asks if I can build a puzzle with him. He initially finds a 550 piece puzzle to build and places it right in front of me.

I tell him this is too difficult of a puzzle, and could I please just have a few minutes to write. He goes down to basement and brings up this and places it on top of the other puzzle and asks: “Build with me?”

“> 1000 piece puzzle? Clearly I need to help him with math because last time I checked 1000 is bigger than 550. And again I tell him “no” and ask for a few minutes to write. He returns to the basement and brings me this:

I wish I had his persistence. I tell him there is no way we are building this 3D puzzle. I point to the age range on the box “for ages 12-99” and tell him we are both not old enough. After some sad and perplexed looks I compromise and help him start a 300 piece puzzle:

Both the puzzle and my blog posts are unfinished–But isn’t that the essence of motherhood: we live our lives in pieces and hope that one day things will be completed. So while I had intentions of writing about the Danish concept of hygge or household organization or health and fitness, I instead completed the frame of a Lightening McQueen Puzzle. My kids keep me grounded and humble and loved. 😊

2 Replies to “Good intentions”

  1. Parenting and writing are similar in that they are both always works in process. You intuitively “get it” which is why I love your writing and love seeing you with your children. Feeling blessed to have known you when you were a child and now to see you as a part of our lives through our grandchildren.♥️

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