February Habit Building: Practice Love

Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark holiday that seems to encapsulate February–where chocolate and cards and jewelry seems to be the only way to express love–I am challenging myself to practice actions of love. And today’s focus of love is is self love–to take a few moments to be thankful and appreciative for the everyday and ordinary life. The mundane can be beautiful and special– and we have far more moments of ordinary with only a sprinkling of extraordinary moments in our lives. So the key to happiness is to be present those ordinary, everyday moments.

Today I practiced self-love through drinking a cup of tea and reading a book. With just a few minutes of quiet (twins slept in–yay!) I learned something new (Greek mythology). Throughout my education, I never enrolled in any Greek Mythology classes, although mythology was always something I wanted to learn, so I finally checked out a book from the library, and now I am being my own teacher. I find the stories interesting and inspiring for future prose writings I hope to write. And I love the feel and smell of an actual book–there is something about the beauty of the cover art and  the sensation of a page turn that can’t be replicated with e-readers. img_4492

And then just for fun, I then turned to the book WickedI have had this book sittinf on various bookshelves for years (maybe 10+) and I just couldn’t bring myself to read it as I loved The Wizard of Oz–my favorite movie as a kid– and I didn’t want this book to taint my nostalgic feeling of my beloved movie. Anywho, I finally have the courage 😉to read Wicked and I am really, really enjoying it–all while enjoying a cup of chamomile tea.

These quiet moments are wonderful–few and far between with the hustle and bustle of family life–but that’s what makes them so special. I also love that I was able to practice self-love without purchasing anything new or even leaving the house. How do you practice self-love?

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